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Australia: Data Citation Workshop 2015

Australia: Data Citation Workshop 2015


The Australia Data Citation Workshop was held on the 28th October 2015 at The Shine Dome, in Canberra, Australia and was convened by:

This event brought together representatives from key stakeholder groups associated with referencing research data in academic publications: funding agencies; university administrators; policy makers; researchers/disciplines; scientific publishers; professional societies; and National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) facilities.

Outcomes and focus

Digital data plays an increasingly central role in research in the information age. With the combination of new technologies and social norms for information access, expectations are growing that a reader can “get to the data” behind a research publication.The symposium will review current practice of both researchers and academic publishers and investigate potential future directions for referencing data in publications.

The National Committee for Data in Science is convening a small group of research leaders, scholarly publishers, research funders and policymakers to raise awareness of issues faced by researchers wanting to support their research conclusions with references to the underlying data.

The symposium focused on:

  • the perspectives of researchers from different disciplines
  • the practice of publishers, editors and scholarly societies
  • the role of research organisations and research funders
  • a report of the proceedings of this event will contribute to an international report sponsored by CODATA.


Welcome from National Committee for Data in Science and ANDS, Dr Ross Wilkinson, ANDS
Framing the discussion and global context, Dr Simon Hodson, CODATA, International Council for Science :
Committee on Data for Science and Technology

The funder perspective
“What role for research data in responsible excellent and impactful research?”,
Prof Aidan Byrne, Australian Research Council

The researcher perspective I
“How do we use data in publications in my discipline?”,
Prof Rob Harcourt, Marine Science;
Prof Simon Easteal, Human Genomics;
Prof Matthew Gray & Dr Steve McEachern, Social Science
Followed by panel discussion

The researcher perspective II
How do we use data in publications in my discipline?
Dr Julia Miller, Linguistics
Dr Sam Banks & Dr Dan Rosauer, Ecosystems Science
Followed by panel discussion

The global perspective
“What are global trends for data in journal publications?”
Dr Simon Hodson, CODATA, International Council for Science:
Committee on Data for Science and Technology

The publisher perspective
“The data behind the publication, what can a publisher do?”,
Panel discussion including:
Mr Iain Hrynaszkiewicz, Nature Publishing Group;
Mr Andrew Stammer, CSIRO Publishing;
Ms Deb Wyatt & Mr Simon Goudie, Wiley Publishing

The institution’s perspective
“Referencing research data for research integrity and research impact?”,
Panel discussion including:
Prof Ginny Barbour, Committee on Publication Ethics;
Dr Douglas Robertson, ANU Research Office;
Ms Roxanne Missingham, ANU Library;
Dr Xanthe Wells, CSIRO Science Excellence & Research Quality

14:45 Break

Next steps
“Where to next?” Meeting Chair, Dr Ross Wilkinson
Meeting delegates jointly identify opportunities, obstacles, next steps, report,
action items

Meeting adjourns

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Documents available:


  • Dr Sam Banks [PPT 1MB]
  • Dr Steve McEachern [google link]
  • Iain Hrynaszkiewicz [YouTube]
  • Dr Julia Miller [PDF 3.15MB]
  • Dr Simon Hodson [PDF 9.53MB], [PDF 2.4MB]
  • Roxanne Missingham [PPTX 1.8MB]
  • Prof Rob Harcourt [PPTX 4.9MB]
  • Prof Simon Easteal [PDF 17MB]
  • Dr Dan Rosauer [PPT MB]

Collected wisdom – comments from the last sessiongoogle doc


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