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Why join CODATA?


During the last decade, the volume and complexity of data have increased dramatically.  Scientific and technical organizations are facing new challenges, not only in the management and preservation of their own data and associated policies, but also in the discovery, visualization, and use of external data.  Addressing these challenges requires technology such as data models, taxonomies, and infrastructures to support analysis and long-term curation, but technology is not enough. Updated policies and development of new skills in the areas of data management, stewardship, access and analysis are also required.

During its 50-year life, CODATA, the Committee on Data of the International Science Council (ISC), has grown to become a leading international data organization that continues to make important contributions to data science and policy.  Contributing activities include policy developmenttask groups and working groupsnational committeesmajor international conferences, the Data Science Journal, and training initiatives.

CODATA and its international network of data experts together with partnerships with major international science and data organizations, such as the International Science CouncilResearch Data AllianceWorld Data System, and GO FAIR, are ideally positioned to provide expert advice on current best practice in a broad range of data areas.

CODATA currently has three principal membership categories: National Members; ISC Bodies; and Institutional Members (both research/not-for-profit and commercial).


Benefits of joining CODATA

Any questions?  Contact CODATA Executive Director Simon Hodson (simon[AT] to discuss how your organization can become a member of the CODATA community.