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CODATA 18 – Montreal 2002

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CODATA 18 – Montreal 2002


The 18th International CODATA Conference — “Frontiers of Scientific and Technical Data“— took place 29 September-3 October 2002 at the Hotel Delta Centre-Ville, downtown Montreal. This four-day Conference was hosted by the Canadian and US National Committees for CODATA.

CODATA 2002 continued CODATA’s 36-year tradition of serving international science by holding an open and exciting conference on the latest advances in scientific and technical data.

This event addressed important interdisciplinary issues in scientific and technical data management and dissemination.

CODATA 2002 featured six Keynote plenary lectures by some of the most renowned scientists and data experts in the world, addressing cross-cutting themes focusing on issues such as:

  • Emerging tools and techniques for data handling
  • Interoperability and data integration
  • Data archiving
  • Legal issues in the use of scientific and technical data
  • Information economics for scientific and technical data
  • Ethics in the use of scientific and technical data

This conference involved twenty-four invited speakers from different scientific disciplines expanding on the themes presented during the plenary sessions.

CODATA 2002 involved also 35 parallel sessions-with approximately 200 contributed oral and poster papers covering topics such as:

  • Physical Science Data
  • Biological Science Data
  • Earth and Environmental Data
  • Medical and Health Data
  • Social Science Data
  • Informatics and Technology
  • Data Science
  • Data Policy
  • Technical Demonstrations

CODATA 2002 was designed to excite the scientific community with new ideas in data science and expose data specialists to the complexity and variety of scientific data needs among their colleagues in other disciplines, creating an environment where ideas were exchanged, synergies emerge and partnerships begun.


Programme at a glance

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