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SciDataCon 2021

SciDataCon 2021 will take place as a series of thematic, virtual workshops held from October to December 2021 (precise dates will follow).

These workshops will comprise sessions which in the view of the programme committee are particularly important and time sensitive, or aligned with the current strategic activities of CODATA and WDS.  Efforts will be made to cluster the sessions into thematic groups, e.g.: data policy week, interoperability week, Global Open Science Cloud week.

More details on the workshop series, the themes, timing and the accepted sessions will be provided after the review stage which will complete in late July.

Call for Sessions for SciDataCon-International Data Week 2022

Due to the necessary decision to postpone International Data Week to 20-23 June 2022, a new call for sessions for SciDataCon 2022 will be released in September 2021.  For SciDataCon 2021, a selection of the session proposals received before the postponement will be held in a series of virtual workshops.  The remainder will be automatically transferred for submission to 2022 or invited to resubmit.