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Advancing Data Science for Sustainability

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Mission and objectives

The Task Group “Advancing Data Science for Sustainability” looks to enhance the knowledge and awareness of the community as well as high-level decision-makers on approaches to the use of data science for sustainability. Through the use of a survey and the development of concise good practices and recommendations, we aim to disseminate knowledge about approaching the SDGs using data science and to consult with policy-makers equipping them with approaches and methods to advance the SDGs using data science.


The UN Sustainability Development Goals serve as a key aspect of the development of our future global challenges. Thus, the implications and the service that data science as a whole can make to them have to be identified. The interconnectedness of data science with many fields of research has become eminent in times of digitization more than ever before and given that our vision aims for “Making Data Work for Cross-Domain Grand Challenges”, inquiring about the approaches and methods by which data science is advancing sustainability is at the heart of our organization.


The impact of this task group is twofold. On the one hand, the focus lies in the development and dissemination of knowledge of approaches on how data science can be used to approach the UN SDGs. It aims to empower scholars and researchers around the world, equipping them with the necessary tools to introduce development on the SDGs to their routines and research based on existing or easily acquirable methods.

On the other hand, we aim to deliver concrete actionable plans and strategies to high-level decision-makers that enable the use and support of findings and good examples from the scientific community. Through close consultation and communication with respective decision-makers, the development and implementation of needed measures can be aided impacting the research on further methods and knowledge.

Planned (and later on actual) activities and outputs for 2023-2025

  • Survey on Approaches of Data Science for Sustainability
  • Report on Good Practises and Methods of Data Science for Sustainability
  • White Paper: Approaches and Strategies on the Utilization of Data Science for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals



Cyrus Walther: cyrus.walther (at)

The TG Secretary:

Jens Vigen: jens.vigen (at)