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Resilient Cities

Because of the challenges they face and because of the capacity to gather data in urban environments, cities represent an excellent test bed for data interoperability and reusability.  CODATA has a number of activities looking at data for healthy, smart and resilient cities.

Healthy and Resilient Cities WG

Combining participants in a number of past events, including Dagstuhl Workshops, Resilience Brokers, the ISC Programme on Urban Health and Wellbeing, CODATA has maintained a WG on Healthy and Resilient Cities to explore collaborations in this area.  The current focus is on developing a methodology for Data-Knowledge-Action Systems (DAKAS).  A workshop exploring this in the context of green space, using Guangzhou as a first case study was held 21-25 June 2021.  The outcomes of this work were presented in a report and at a Virtual SciDataCon 2021 session on ‘Collaborative Systems Modelling for Urban Health’.

Relatedly, work has been suggested to explore the issue of data and indicators, building on work in India (National Institute of Urban Affairs) and Australia.  CODATA has also developed a valuable partnership with SALURBAL, the major research programme on urban health in Latin America, led by Drexel University.