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CODATA Constitution

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December 2020

The CODATA Constitution is the set of statues and by-laws that govern the structure and work of CODATA.  It is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it is fit for purpose.  The current version of the CODATA Constitution was approved by the CODATA General Assembly held virtually in December 2020.

Adjustments made include clarification of the procedure to change the timing of the in-person General Assembly in the case of exceptional circumstances. The Nominating Committee size has been increased from five up to nine people to enable broader geographical representation and balance of expertise and gender.  Timescales relating to processes preceding the CODATA General Assembly have been reviewed and aligned across the Constitution.

View or download the CODATA Constitution as approved by the CODATA Virtual General Assembly in December 2020.

Where appropriate and needed, statutes and by-laws of the Constitution are completed with more detailed guidelines or implementation documents.