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The CODATA member organisation for Australia is the Australian National Committee for Data in Science (Australian Academy of Science).


National Committee

Australian Academy of Science - The Shine Dome (c) CC BY 3.0 - Bidgee

The National Committee for Data in Science is a committee of the Council of the Australian Academy of Science. The broad aims of the committee are to foster the discipline of Data Science in Australia, to link the National Academy of Science to national and international experts in data science. Engagement with the CODATA community establishes links between Australian scientists and International Unions and scientists in the field of Data Science.


Objectives and Activities

  • Approved committee structure and membership (annual);
  • Approved annual report (annual);
  • Engage with the relevant Australian peak bodies by providing news items to their publications and seeking opportunities to discuss NCDiS activities at their annual general meetings;
  • Engage with relevant national committees on issues of common interest;
  • Engage with CODATA, ISC, WDS, RDA and other international organizations, including nomination of members of committees;
  • Obtain financial and other resources to assist in the delivery of activities, including contributions to the Australian subscriptions to CODATA;
  • Provide input to the Academy science policy statements where appropriate;
  • Engage with the Chief Scientist, the Australian Research Committee (ARCom) and the Research Data Infrastructure Committee (RDIC) on the issue of open access to data outputs from publicly-funded research.
  • Develop a science policy paper “Realizing an Open Data Culture in Australian Science” that identifies the key steps that the Australian Government, the ARC, the NHMRC and research institutions could take to enable intelligent collection of, open access to and more effective exploitation of scientific data.
  • Organise activities such as workshops and panels, to promote national and international collaborations and to raise awareness of new policies, technologies, infrastructure and best practices in Data in Science in Australia.



ISC Liaison Officer
Australian Academy of Science
Ian Potter House, Gordon Street,
Acton ACT 2601, Australia
ISC (at)
GPO Box 783,
Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
T + 61 2 6201 9400
F + 61 2 6201 9494


Last updated: 2022-01-18.