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CODATA 23 – Taipei 2012

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CODATA 23 – Taipei 2012


The organisation’s work in 2012 culminated in the 23rd International CODATA Conference hosted by the Academia Sinica (Academy of Sciences) located in Taipei, Taiwan. The event named “Open Data and Information for a Changing Planet” was an outstanding success attended by approximately 300 scientists from around the world.

Programme summary

28 October 2012

Inaugural session:

  • WDS members Forum
  • Demonstration GeoMapApp
  • Welcome ceremony

29 October 2012


  • Ray Harris, Chair of the Scientific Program Committee CODATA 2012
  • Yuan-Tseh Lee, President of ICSU
  • Huadong Guo, President of CODATA
  • Der-Tsai Lee, Chair of the Local Organization Committee CODATA 2012


  • Sálvano Briceño: Strengthening Collaboration between CODATA and IRDR Will Help Strengthen Policy Advice to Reduce Disaster Impacts and Achieve Sustainable Development
  • Der-Tsai Lee: From Institutes to General Public: TELDAP’s ICT-enabled Digitization Project and Open Data Movement
  • Hesheng Chen: Data Challenge in Large Scale Scientific Research


Practices and Directions

Planet under Pressure (PUP)


CODATA Prize Award Ceremony: This 2012 Award was attributed to Professor Michael F. Goodchild, Emeritus Professor of Geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara, for his outstanding contributions on the world stage to Geo-information Science.

Sangster Prize Ceremony

Launch of Publication “CODATA@45Years”

Presentations (extract):

Practices and Directions

Challenges to Data Sharing: Social Science Investigations of Scientific Collaboration

Preservation in Developing Countries

  • 10 Years Experiences of the CODATA Task Group on PASTDC
  • Opportunities and Challenges of the Task Group of PASTDC

30 October 2012


  • Geoffrey Boulton– Why does open data matter and how can we make it a reality?
  • Ovid J. L. Tzeng, Science Capacity Building in the Digital Age: Hopes, Threats, and the Freedom of Soul

Poster Madness (extract):

  • Report on Data Activities in China

Presentations (extract):

Big Data Technology

Data Publication & Citation [I]

National & Regional Policies

  • The Road to Opening Up Governmental Geospatial Data in Taiwan
  • Archives and Open Public Data: Creating the Future of Linked Cultural Content in Hong Kong

Data Publication & Citation [II]

Specimen Information Infrastructure (NSII) in China

Data Preservation & Dissemination

Panel: Open Access to Data

  • Robert Chen- What Do We Mean by Open Access to Data?
  • Geoffrey Boulton-What Do We Mean by Open Access to Data?

Panel: Ethics of Data in Sciences (Krishan Lal, Ovid Tzeng, Mark Thorley, Claudia Emerson, Horst Kreme)

31 October 2012

Panel Session: The Importance of Data for Future Earth

  • Challenges Issues for the CODATA-I
  • Challenges Issues for the CODATA-II

Presentations (extract):

Collaborative Knowledge Management

  • From sustainable development data to a human-centered knowledge society : the CODATA-O3D approach

CODATA Task Groups and CODATA Strategic Vision

Roundtable: Data Publication & Citation [III]

Panel: Disaster Loss Data

Roundtable: Preservation & Access (PASTDC)

Roundtable: Discussions of the Task Group on Preservation of and Access to Science ad Technical Data in Developing Countries (PASTDC)

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Detailed programme

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