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Dec 2020

Communications Handbook

The CODATA Communications Handbook serves as the main reference point for efficient communications about CODATA both internally and externally.


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Acknowledgment for publications

All CODATA stakeholders are encouraged to raise awareness of their activities under CODATA and to help track related papers by adding an acknowledgment to their publications. We suggest use of this text:

“This work was developed as part of the CODATA Task Group/Working Group/Initiative entitled … and we acknowledge the support provided by the CODATA community and structures.”


CODATA name and logo

The CODATA name and logo should be used for any official or approved materials directly related to the organisation.

To ensure consistent adherence to the principles laid out by the CODATA mission and goals permission is generally required to use the CODATA logo. Permission is granted by the Executive Director or an Officer (upon consultation with the CODATA Officers).

In the following situations, explicit permission is not required, but notification of the CODATA Secretariat of the use is appreciated.

  • Current National members, Institutional members or International Science Council Bodies may use the logo on their web sites and other promotional materials to demonstrate their support of and membership in CODATA. The name and logo should only be used in relation to the work they do with CODATA, inline with their rights and roles as members.
  • Current Task Groups, Working Groups and Initiatives may and are encouraged to use the logo on materials related to their activities and outputs under CODATA.

Use of the name and logo by outside organizations with an official link to CODATA such as partners can be authorized either as part of an partnership arrangement in writing or upon approval for specific cases in writing by the Executive Director or an Officer (upon consultation with Officers).

The default CODATA logo to be used is the one in blue colours and with the subtitle.

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