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CODATA-DDI Training Webinars

CODATA hosts webinars on a variety of topics relating to our activities: data policy, data science and capacity mobilising in relation to data.  The CODATA-Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) Training Webinars series is a collaboration with the DDI to reach new audiences and provide ongoing value to existing users, by demonstrating the value of DDI tools, products and standards to those creating, managing and using research data within the social, behavioural, and economic sciences.

We deliver a webinar approximately every four to six weeks on relevant topics that appeal to audiences both within the DDI community and beyond it.  Each webinar is 45 – 90 minutes, and has a theme that connects different aspects of data-rich research practice with DDI products.  Time is allowed for questions to ensure participants have a chance to engage directly with the expert presenters.  Presentations are recorded to provide a lasting resource for those wishing to learn about the DDI suite of standards.


Webinars in the 2022 series

A new series of events is planned for 2022. Topics and the anticipated month for each webinar is as follows:

  • Mon 28 March 2022: DDI Working Together with Other Standards: view recording and presentation slides
  • Mon 13 June 2022: Vive les Métadonnées! (Les bases de DDI en français / DDI basics in French): view presentation slides
  • Thu 16 June 2022: Metadata Uplift – PDF/Excel to Structured DDI Documentation: view recording and presentation slides
  • September 2022: DDI Controlled Vocabularies, the CESSDA Workbench, SKOS and XKOS: registration opening soon!
  • October 2022: How to Document Variables w/ DDI Lifecycle and DDI Cross Domain Integration – the Variable Cascade
  • November 2022: Survey of Implementation Examples/Use Cases of DDI-Cross Domain Integration

More information will be posted here as details are confirmed.


Webinars in the 2021 series

Please click the header for more information on the topic, and a video of the webinar.

1: Introduction to Metadata for Research Data Management: A Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) Perspective. 29 April 2021.

An overall definition and exploration of what metadata is and how it is used in data management, aimed at a broad audience and not only existing users of DDI.

2: Implementing FAIR: What DDI Can Do for You! 18 June 2021.

This presentation is aimed at audiences both inside and external to the DDI community.  It highlights where metadata is needed in terms of the FAIR principles and explains how different DDI products can help to support the implementation of FAIR.

3: Data Integration: Using DDI-CDI with Other Standards. 2 September 2021.

This webinar takes a cross-domain data integration example and shows how DDI-CDI, in combination with other standards, can facilitate the integration of disparate data. This includes the idea that data from different sources might be integrated in a largely automated fashion supported by the DDI-CDI description of the data structure and variables/datums.

4: Data Quality: Thinking about Quality and DDI Metadata. 18 November 2021.

Data quality is a topic which is often discussed and attracts a lot of interest, but the way in which it is approached varies widely.  This webinar examines different approaches in the use of metadata for describing data quality from the perspective of data producers in official statistics and in the scientific and research domains, and how DDI fits into this picture.

5. DDI Training Fair at the 2021 European DDI Users’ Conference. 26 and 29 November 2021.

The DDI Training Group organized a series of tutorials around the 2021 EDDI Users’ Conference. This includes a general overview of the DDI standards on 26 November 2021, followed by a series of more detailed tutorials on Monday 29 November, and a session describing the software tools and services available for implementing DDI.


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