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CODATA Prize 2004: Jean Bonnin, France

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CODATA Prize 2004: Jean Bonnin, France

Professor Jean Bonnin, President of the Association “Earth Data Network for Education and Scientific Exchange” (EDNES), was the 2004 recipient of the CODATA Prize. He received the award during the 19th International CODATA Conference hold in Berlin, Germany, 7-10 November 2004.

Professor Bonnin is recognized for outstanding achievement in the areas of geophysics, seismology and geodynamics. The prize is awarded biennially for outstanding achievement in scientific and technical data.

His contribution to geophysics and geodynamics is outstanding. In the 1960s, he was a contributing author to the theory of Plate Tectonics, one of the most revolutionary theories of the 20th century. Working in close collaboration with other famous French and American geologists and geophysicists, he was an active member of the group that created a principally new concept and model of the Lithosphere/Asthenosphere structure of the Earth.

Professor Bonnin’s current research focuses on Information Society Technologies adaptation for scientific and technological data handling and studies. It includes the projects “New Methods of Working for Information Society Technologies Programme Promotion to Commonwealth of Independent States” (WISTCIS) and “Teleworking as a Tool for Information Society Technologies Program romotion to Baltic States” (TELEBALT), which are coordinated by EDNES and funded by Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme of the European Union. CODATA, being represented by its TG “Virtual Laboratories for Earth and Environmental Sciences” plays participates in the TELEBALT project. This important work encourages EU-CIS teleworking for the benefits of the IST Programme.

During his time as the Secretary-General of the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center, he turned the then little-known organization into a major contributor to international seismological data studies, and joined together the efforts of many European seismological institutes.

As the President of EDNES, he has carried out a variety of projects that have integrated together data activities in a number of European countries, and have also been important to organizations in other countries, including Russia and the United States.

Since 1979, Professor Bonnin has been a full professor at the Institute of Physics of the Earth in Strasbourg and has authored three books and 35 scientific articles. His distinguished career has included several fields of interest, including global tectonics and lithosphere deformation, data management, and seismicity.

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