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CODATA Virtual General Assembly December 2020

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CODATA convened a Virtual General Assembly on 15 December 2020 at 11:00-13:00 UTC.  The first purpose of this virtual General Assembly was to review the outcome of the vote on the constitutional changes recommended by the Officers and Executive Committee and the appointment of a Nominating Committee. Secondly, the virtual General Assembly also provided an opportunity to update the delegates on recent developments and CODATA activities.

Presentations and Supporting Documents
Agenda for Virtual GA on 15 December 2020 
The recording of the VGA is available from the CODATA Vimeo channel and below

Voting prior to the Virtual GA

As part of the VGA the outcomes of the voting were presented. These matters for voting included constitutional changes recommended by the Officers and Executive Committee (as outlined in the appendix to the letter from the CODATA President); and approval of proposed composition of the Nominating Committee.

Voting was conducted using the Election Runner tool, delegates to the VGA were invited to cast their votes between 14 November and 14 December 2020.

42 of 54 delegates cast their vote before the poll closed (78%).
The result was a majority approval of the recommended constitutional changes as well as of the Nominating Committee composition for the 2021 Elections.