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The CODATA member organisation for Finland is The Council of Finnish Academies.

The Council of Finnish Academies
Mariankatu 5 A
FI-00170 Helsinki Finland
E-mail: info [at]

The principal contact at the Council of Finnish Academies is:
Veera Launis
Science Secretary
E-mail: veera.launis [at]

Finnish Committee for Research Data

The Finnish National Committee for Research Data was officially established on 28 May 2015.

Chair of the Committee:
Professor Pekka Orponen
Email: pekka.orponen [at]

Delegate to CODATA:
Leo Lahti, Associate Professor, University of Turku
Contact page:


  • Päivi Happonen, Director General, Finnish National Archives
  • Leo Lahti, Associate Professor, University of Turku
  • Petri Myllymäki, Director, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT)
  • Susanna Nykyri, Head of unit, University of Tampere
  • Sanna Sorvari Sundet, Vice President, Natural Resources Institute Finland

Recent activities (2020-2022):

  • New CODATA representative selected (Leo Lahti)
  • Participation in National Coordination on Open Science in Finland
  • Preparation for a national policy on open research methods is ongoing


Last updated: 2022-03-22.