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CODATA-DDI Alliance Dagstuhl Workshops

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Since 2018, CODATA has collaborated with the DDI Alliance on a series of intensive workshops, held at the Leibniz Foundation’s Schloss Dagstuhl Centre for Informatics.

The outcomes of these workshops has been significant! The Dagstuhl workshops have been instrumental in identifying and pursuing technical work for the development of the DDI Cross-Domain Integration standard and the Cross-Domain Interoperability Framework (CDIF); and in exploring cross-domain case studies as part of the ISC CODATA Decadal Programme ‘Making Data Work for Cross-Domain Grand Challenges’ and the WorldFAIR project.

The 2023 and 2022 workshops were particularly important in providing an opportunity for WorldFAIR Case Studies to meet and to advance work on the CDIF.

The Cox et al 2021. paper, Ten simple rules for making a vocabulary FAIR, was initiated at the 2019 Dagstuhl meeting. This in turn led to the 2023 IUSSP-CODATA report on FAIR Vocabularies in Population Research.   In 2021, with travel still affected by COVID-19, the Australian contingent held a parallel virtual event on FAIR vocabularies, which led to an ongoing ARDC-CODATA collaboration on a series of Vocabulary Symposia.

Finally, the proposal that became the INSPIRE PEACH project was also conceived and developed in case study work at the 2019 Dagstuhl.  This led to CODATA collaboration with LSHTM and APHRC in the INSPIRE series of projects, in WorldFAIR and in Data Science Without Borders.


2024: Evaluating and Refining Cross-Domain Metadata Exchange Frameworks (CDIF)


2024: Aligning Technology Architectures with Cross-Domain Metadata Models (DDI-CDI)


2023: Defining a Core Metadata Framework for Cross-Domain Data Sharing and Reuse (CDIF)


2023: DDI-CDI: Realising Interoperable Data Services in the Metadata Ecosystem


2022: Interoperability for Cross-Domain Research: Machine-Actionability & Scalability

The ‘post-pandemic’ backlog of workshops and seminars at Schloss Dagstuhl, meant that DDI and CODATA were only able to organise one week’s activity in 2022.


2021: Dagstuhl Workshops

From 2021 onwards, building on successful collaboration and the report on the Role of DDI-CDI in EOSC: Possible Uses and Applications, CODATA and DDI established a pattern of working together on two Dagstuhl workshops each year: one focusing on the technical development of the DDI-CDI standard and the other continuing the exploring of cross-domain challenges through concrete examples, case studies and use cases.  With travel still affected by the pandemic, a third (related, but not Dagstuhl) virtual event was held for Australian colleagues. This workshop was significant because it set the stage for a series of ARDC-CODATA events on FAIR vocabularies.

2021: Further Development of the DDI Cross Domain Integration (DDI-CDI) Model for FAIR Data Sharing across Discipline and Domain Boundaries

2021: Interoperability for Cross-Domain Research: Use Cases for Metadata Standards

2021: Interoperability for Cross-Domain Research: FAIR Vocabularies


2020: Virtual Activities and Pilot Working Groups


2019: Interoperability of Metadata Standards in Cross-Domain Science II


2018: Interoperability of Metadata Standards in Cross-Domain Science