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CODATA Task Groups 2023 – 2025

Task Groups are groups of scientists, researchers and data experts who work together on a specific problem or theme to advance the state of data management and to advance science and improve our world. Task Groups are proposed according to a procedure defined by the CODATA Constitution and they are approved and endorsed by the General Assembly.  They are an important means through which CODATA delivers on its mission and Strategic Initiatives, including the Decadal Programme: Making Data Work for Cross-Domain Grand Challenges.

The Task Groups’ roles and responsibilities are further outlined in the Task Groups Guidelines that clarify relevant sections of the CODATA Constitution.

The following Task Groups were approved or renewed at 33rd CODATA General Assembly, held 27-28 October 2023. Specific expectations of the Task Groups for this term were outlined in the 2023 Call for Task Groups.

  1. Advancing Data Science for Sustainability 
  2. CODATA-WDS TG on Citizen-generated data for the SDGs 
  3. Data driven social change towards society promoting cognitively healthy aging 
  4. Data Ethics Task Group (DETG)
  5. Data Systems, Tools, and Services for Crisis Situations Task Group (DSTS_CS-TG) 
  6. Digital Representation of Units of Measurement (DRUM) 
  7. FAIR Data for Disaster Risk Research (FAIR-DRR) 
  8. Geographical Indications Environment & Sustainability (GIES) 

In addition to the Task Groups listed above the Fundamental Physical Constants Task Group has been recognised as a standing initiative of CODATA since 2016.