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Through ‘Making Data Work for Cross-Domain Grand Challenges’, the CODATA Decadal Programme 2020-2030, CODATA fulfills its distinctive role in contributing to the developments needed if the international science community and its national components are effectively to exploit the data revolution.

In addition, CODATA has three long-standing priorities:

  • Our Data Policy activities tackle the current urgent challenges to develop policies and strategies for data at the international and national levels.
  • Data Science and Stewardship activities provide the data science and data stewardship professions with practical interventions such as the CASRAI terminology for research data management and the outputs of the Task Group on Fundamental Physical Constants.
  • Data skills are critical for current and future generations of researchers, information professionals, policy makers and citizens.  Our skills capacity building initiatives support early career researchers, repository professionals, and researchers interested in making and keeping data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR).

Among the ways in which we achieve these priorities are through Task Groups and research:

  • CODATA Task Groups are approved by the General Assembly for two-year periods in order to the Decadal Programme or the priorities listed above.
  • We are also a research-performing organisation actively engaging in a range of research initiatives, and research consultancy activities.  Our research agenda focuses on digital infrastructures and data use, specifically how research data of any discipline area(s) are created, shared, valued and deployed.  We specialise in projects with archival, qualitative and/or document-based methods but can also provide quantitative methods through our network of research consultants.