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June 2022: Publications in the Data Science Journal

Title: Development and Governance of FAIR Thresholds for a Data Federation Author: Megan Wong , Kerry Levett, Ashlin Lee, Paul Box, Bruce Simons, Rakesh David, Andrew MacLeod, Nicolas Taylor, Derek Schneider, Helen Thompson URL:

Disaster Risk Reduction and Open Data Newsletter: July 2022 Edition

Data for Disaster Risk Reduction Episode two: Coordination and data management for response to recovery  In 2021, Emergency Event Database, the global database on disasters, recorded 432 events related to natural hazards worldwide. The first episode of the podcast...

FAIR Digital Objects Forum: Call for Abstracts, Deadline 10 July

The FAIR Digital Objects Conference 2022, sponsored by the FAIR Digital Objects Forum, will bring together for the first time at this scale key technical, scientific, industry, and science‐policy stakeholders with the aim to boost the development and implementation of...

What to expect on Day 2 of the International Data Week 2022

Day 2 of International Data Week will begin at 8:30 local time with the third plenary session titled Research Transparency, Accountability, and Reproducibility. Dr. Mai Har Sham and Dr. In Jae Lee, experts in research ethics, will speak on the following topics: ...