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International Data Policy Committee

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The CODATA International Data Policy Committee (IDPC) is the key instrument by which CODATA pursues its mission of promoting effective and appropriate policies for Open Science and FAIR data. A subsidiary task is to support the other strategic objectives of CODATA. 

The IDPC is composed of diverse and knowledgeable individuals who are dedicated to advancing responsible and effective data governance through data policy on a global scale. IDPC members play a vital role in shaping the development of policy studies, research, projects, publications, guidelines, and standards that promote data quality, reliability, and integrity, while upholding the values of Open Science and ethical principles and practices.


IDPC Mission

The mission of the CODATA IDPC is to serve as a global platform for collaboration, research, and advocacy in shaping effective data policies that address the complex challenges of today’s increasingly digital societies.

The IDPC fosters international dialogue, knowledge sharing, and consensus-building among diverse stakeholders, including policymakers, researchers, industry leaders, civil society organizations, and the public. By conducting rigorous analysis, engaging in broad consultation, providing evidence-based recommendations, and promoting best practices, the IDPC develops robust and inclusive data policies that foster innovation, protect privacy, contribute to data security, promote data accessibility, and advance the responsible and ethical use of data for the benefit of humanity.

IDPC Topics for Action 2023-2025

The CODATA IDPC focuses on the following six topics for action in the years 2023-2025 while recognizing that each of these topics requires an engagement beyond 2025. Nonetheless, these topics all contribute to the longer-term vision of CODATA and the IDPC.

  1. Data policy for data quality, reliability, and integrity
  2. Data policy for science in crisis situations
  3. Data policy for education
  4. Data policy for AI
  5. Data policy for Open Science
  6. Data policy for the publication and communication of science

Consult the IDPC Action Plan, 2023- 2025 for detailed information about the ongoing and planned IDPC activities.


IDPC Mandate

The IDPC is mandated to support CODATA and its mission to the ISC through the following modes of activity:

  1. Helps CODATA respond to emerging issues and requests for advice, particularly from the ISC community. An important recent example is Open Science for a Global Transformation: CODATA-coordinated submission to the UNESCO Open Science Consultation (2020).
  2. Provides a source of expertise for funded projects and reports. Recent examples include the CODATA Twenty-Year Review of GBIF (2020) and Opening Big Data for a Sustainable Future: Review of the CASEarth Program’s Data Policy (2022). Full listing of externally generated and funded reviews and reports
  3. Generates its own initiatives through sub-group activities in accordance with its Action Plan. For example the Beijing Declaration on Research Data and the related Workshop on Open Research Data Policy and Practice (Sept 2019).

IDPC and CODATA Strategic Plan 2023-2027

The CODATA Strategic Plan 2023-2027 (draft approved by the Executive Committee published in May 2023) provides an important overall framework for guiding the work of the organisation in relation to the fast-developing importance of data in our evolving digital societies. The CODATA Strategic Plan describes four priorities through which CODATA takes forward this objective. 

  1. Making Data Work for Cross-Domain Grand Challenges: a programme of activity to help deliver areas of the ISC Action Plan.
  2. Data Policy: promoting principles, policies and practices for FAIR Data and  trustworthy, equitable and transparent science.
  3. Data Science and Data Stewardship: advancing the frontiers of the science of data, particularly to enable interoperability and reusability
  4. Data Skills: building capacity for trustworthy, equitable and transparent science and data stewardship by improving data skills and education.

The role of IDPC in relation to the Strategic Plan of CODATA 2023-2027 are described in the IDPC Action Plan, 2023- 2025.