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China National GeneBank (CNGB)

China National GeneBank (CNGB) is one of the key scientific infrastructures in Shenzhen, approved and funded by the Chinese government. CNGB is a public, non-profit, open, enabling and leading platform. The “Three Banks and Two Platforms” structure integrates the ability to “read, write, and store” massive biological resources. The platform facilitates advanced genomics R&D and technology transfer to industrial application, including precision medicine, agriculture, marine sciences and microbial application, to make genetic resources “Owned by All, Completed by All and Shared by All”.

Delegate: Ren Wang
Contact: Lijin You
CNGB website:
Address: Jinsha Road, Dapeng District, Shenzhen
Tel: +86(0755)3394 5500
Fax: +86(0755)3630 7280