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Göttingen-CODATA RDM Symposium 2018

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Göttingen-CODATA RDM Symposium 2018

The symposium was held in Göttingen from 18-20 March 2018.  It was a collaboration between the University of Göttingen and CODATA and was a precursor event to the RDA plenary meeting in Berlin on 21-23 March 2018.

The event was attended by 160 research data management experts and professionals from around the globe.

The event was possible thanks to the generous support of the University of Göttingen and the hard work of the programme committee and the local organisers.

Symposium Keynotes

The Symposium featured nine keynote presentations.

Wolfram Horstmann, University of Göttingen, SUB, The Data Universe at Universities

Amy Nurnberger, MIT, Libraries tense: future continuous

Peter Fox, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Setting the scene from a researcher’s point of view

Michael Witt, Purdue University, Research Data Services at Purdue University: An Institutional Approach

David Minor, UCSD, Filters and firehorses: reflections on a decade of research data curation

Lisa Johnston, University of Minnesota Libraries, Rethinking Institutional RDM Strategy: Applying Collaboration to Affect Change in the Research Landscape

Bob Freeman, Harvard, Dataverse and RDM Opportunities at Harvard

Tom Cramer, Stanford, Actors, Factors, and Gaps: Managing Data Holistically at Stanford

Liz Lyon, University of Pittsburgh, Stewardship and Science: Reflections on Data-driven Opportunities for Libraries

The keynote presentatons may be downloaded as a zipped file.

Symposium Thematic Parallel Sessions

Nine parallel sessions tackled the symposium themes listed below.  The content of each session may be consulted by means of the links below.  All presentations from the symposium may be downloaded as a zipped file (warning c.500MB).

1.1 Institutional Strategies and Solutions 1

1.2 RDM Solutions 1

1.3 National RDM Strategies

2.1 Measuring Success and Changing Culture

2.2 Skills

2.3 Lessons from Domains

3.1 Institutional Strategies and Solutions 2

3.2 RDM Solutions 2

3.3 Implications of FAIR and Sustainability


Symposium Programme

The full programme for the symposium may be viewed on the conference management site, hosted by Ubiquity Press.

Special Collection in the Data Science Journal

Accepted and commended abstracts have been invited to submit full papers for a Special Collection of the CODATA Data Science Journal on this topic.

Programme Commitee

The programme committee comprised:

Jan Brase, University of Göttingen

Simon Hodson, CODATA

Liz Lyon, University of Pittsburgh

Devika Madalli, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore

Michael Witt, Purdue University

Symposium Topic: The critical role of university RDM infrastructure in transforming data to knowledge

All over the world universities and libraries have started the task of developing research data services. Ideally such initiatives aim to result in a complete service portfolio covering the entire research lifecycle: support in writing proposals and data management plans, repository infrastructures for the storage of data, support in publishing data, assignment of persistent identifiers, lecturing in data management, etc. This broad scope means that such services are often seen as requiring a joint effort from from university, library, IT centre, faculties and other stakeholders.

Nowhere in the world has such a complete support scenario been perfected. It is timely for actors in the various dimensions of such initiatives internationally to share their practical experiences, research and insights.

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Call for Papers

Keynote Speakers