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Baohe Data

Baohe Data


Company Brief:

Baohe data Inc. is a professional scientific big data service provider, executive director unit of Jiangsu Information Technology Association, national high-tech enterprises. The company focuses on providing scientific data management and analysis, discipline construction and development data services for universities and research institutions. Scientific data products with multiple independent intellectual property rights, providing data services solutions for cloud or localization deployment.

The core technology of the company is a large-scale distributed computing technology, using MPP, Hadoop, Spark, Sphinx, Redis technology, through the Shared Nothing, column storage, distributed index and a number of large data processing technology, using CERIF to complete the academic association data model, data collection and storage, cleaning, indexing, assignment, relevance, analysis etc. data service, it has the characteristics of high performance and high scalability, can effectively support the PB level structured data analysis, data warehouse provides a new generation of structured data and analysis services, specializes in data discovery and data mining, knowledge base to speed processing and analysis of massive data based on.

The company’s major customers include: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, Nanjing University, University of Science & Technology China and other 5 universities, 985 colleges and 20 C9, 40 211 colleges and universities; University in the Yangtze River Delta alliance, the Education Department of Jiangsu Province, Shanghai City Board of education, the literature information center of higher education, colleges and universities in Anhui province Tianjin city alliance and other government agencies; Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Shanghai library and other large academic institutions, China FAW and other business organizations, services more than 300 customers.

Contact Details

Tony Liu
Chairman of Baohe Data Inc.
Director of Data Intelligence Institute, School of Information Management, Nannjing University.
Student Entrepreneur Mentor of Nanjing University.

Email: liux (at)