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CODATA 17 – Baveno 2000

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The 17th International CODATA Conference — “Data and Information for the Coming Knowledge Millennium“— took place on the 15-19 October 2000 at the the Grand Hotel Dino, in Baveno, Italy. This four-day Conference was organised by the CODATA Conference Board chaired by Prof. Jacques-Emile Dubois (France) then CODATA Past-President, in cooperation with the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (National Research Council of Italy) and the Italian National Committee of CODATA.

CODATA 2000 was a special event in the new millennium that addresses the important interdisciplinary issues in scientific and technical data management and dissemination.

CODATA 2000’s four symposia brought state-of-the-art knowledge about the most important data fields at the time and addressed the major issues related to the importance and use of scientific and technical data in 21st century research and development. Each symposia featured several thematic sessions, along with interactive round-table discussions, poster sessions, and technical presentations.

Main Programme

Please click the symposium link of interest to view specific information:

Symposium I on Data, Information and Knowledge:
Principles, Methodologies, Systems and Policies

Symposium II on Data, Information and Knowledge:
Biodiversity and the Life and Medical Sciences

Symposium III on Data, Information and Knowledge:
Earth and Physical Sciences, Engineering and Industry

Symposium IV on Data, Information and Knowledge:
Environment and Renewable Energy

One of the many highlights of CODATA 2000 was its exciting line-up of plenary talks.

First CODATA Prize

Created to recognise outstanding achievement in the world of scientific and technical data, the newly instituted CODATA award was attributed, for its first edition, to Dr. Barry Taylor of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (United States). More information about this major moment of the Conference and the 2000 CODATA Prize Winner is here.

Additional Events

A day before to the 17th main Conference, a CODATA workshop on the European Directive on the Legal Protection of Databases was hold at the same place, the Grand Hotel Dino. Named “A Focus on Science and Technology”, this event was sponsored by the ICSU/CODATA Ad hoc Group on Data and Information. Specific information about the workshop is here.

Other CODATA meetings took also place in Baveno, between 14th and 16th of October 2000:

  • Planning Group for Workshop on Quality for Biomacromolecular Databases
  • Planning Group for Workshop on Quality for Biomacromolecular Databases
  • Course on Data Visualisation
  • Workshop on Interoperability of Physico-Chemical Data Standards

Full list of Events

Detailed Programme

Papers presented by themes (listing)

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