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The CODATA member organisation for Canada is the Canadian National Committee for CODATA (CNC/CODATA) / Comité national canadien pour CODATA.


National Committee

CNC/CODATA is a committee sponsored by NRC Knowledge Management, part of the National Research Council Canada (NRC) / Conseil national de recherches Canada (CNRC). The National Research Council (NRC) is the Government of Canada’s premier organization for research and development.

Secretariat support for CNC CODATA is provided by Research Data Canada / Données de recherche Canada and the National Digital Research Infrastructure Organization / la Nouvelle organisation d’infrastructure de recherche numérique (NDRIO-NOIRN). NDRIO-NOIRN is a new national organization which is in the early stages of development, and RDC-DRC is moving under the NDRIO/NOIRN umbrella, a process that will be completed by March 2022.


Main Contacts

Ernie Boyko


CNC CODATA Interim Chair and Secretary



The new Canadian National Committee is now active, and held their first meeting in December 2020. The full list of Members, including bios is available on the Member page.



CNC CODATA supports the activities of the Canadian research community through activities that:

  1. Engage: as a primary point of contact between the Canadian research community and CODATA.
  2. Influence: contribute to CODATA strategy.
  3. Coordinate: provide a forum by which national researchers and other stakeholders may advance research and the data management agenda in step with international developments.
  4. Collaborate: host or participate in national and international groups and events, engage with the Early Career Data Professionals Working Group.
  5. Partner: undertake activities with other CODATA National Committees, bilaterally or in groups.

CNC CODATA is committed to developing a culture supporting research data management best practices, and supporting the work of Research Data Canada, Portage Network, and Canada’s New Digital Research Infrastructure Organization (NDRIO). Dealing with research data management issues from a national perspective.

CNC CODATA is also committed to working closely with ISC and CODATA in activities associated with the new Decadal Programme, which will be published shortly. The Decadal Programme will form an important foundation for the work of CNC CODATA.


Last updated 2021-12-14.