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The CODATA member organisation for Japan is the Science Council of Japan (SCJ) under which one committee has been appointed as one of corresponding international committees to bridge national and international data activities for science and technology since CODATA was established in 1966.

 The Science Council of Japan - (c) Creative Commons 3.0

National Committee

In the 23rd term 2014-2017 of SCJ, the International Scientific Data Committee (see the Main contacts section at the end of this page) is appointed as the corresponding committee for CODATA as well as WDS, and has organized three sub-committees for Data Commons, CODATA and WDS. Officers of the four committees are listed as below:

International Scientific Data Committee (I)
Chair: Shuichi Iwata
Vice Chair: Toshihiko Koseki
Secretary: Shigeko Haryana

CODATA Sub-Committee (C)
Chair: Takashi Gojobori
Vice Chair: Toshihiko Koseki,
Secretary: Takashi Kunisawa, Mihoko Otake

WDS Sub-Committee (W)
Chair: Akira Watanabe
Vice Chair: Toshihiko Iemori
Secretary: Yasuhiro Murayama, Isao Kojima

Data Commons Sub-Committee (D)
Chair: Akira Nagashima
Vice Chair: Toshihiko Koseki,
Secretary: Toshihiro Ashino, Masaru Yarime

Recent National Activities

  1. Report on “Positioning of open data on what we claim and what we do-targeting data journal for driving transformation of science”, 2014.9.30 SCJ Report of the 22nd Term).
  2. Organizing SCJ Academic Forum :“Open Science Platform : Data Journal as Transformer of Sciences”, Date: and Time: March 4th, 2015 10:30-17:30, Place : Auditorium of the Science Council of Japan.

Agenda in the 23rd Term

Following up the Report on 2014.9.30 and the discussions of the Forum on 2015.3.4, we are preparing a proposal for the 23rd term on national data activities for science and technology as an executive summary reflecting discussions by the above three sub-committees(C, W and D) coordinated by International Scientific Data Committee(I) of SCJ. So as to enhance sustainability of data activities, national as well as global issues have been articulated inclusively to be enriched into action and application plans in the proposal.

Main contacts

Shuichi Iwata
International Scientific Data Committee Chairiwatacodata (at)
iwata (at)
Takashi Gojobori
CODATA Sub-Committee Chair1111 Yata, Mishima, Shizuoka 411-8540, Japantgojobor (at)

Prof.Toshihiko Koseki

Delegate to CODATA

koseki (at)


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