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The CODATA member organisation for Japan is the Science Council of Japan (SCJ), under which a committee has been appointed as one of the corresponding international committees to bridge national and international data activities for science and technology since CODATA was established in 1966.

 The Science Council of Japan - (c) Creative Commons 3.0

National Committee

In the 25th term (2020-2022) of SCJ, the International Scientific Data Committee (see the ‘Main contacts’ section below) is appointed as the corresponding committee for CODATA as well as the World Data System (WDS). It has organized two sub-committees for CODATA and WDS. Officers of the three committees are listed as below:

International Scientific Data Committee
Chair: Yasuhiro Murayama
Vice Chair: Junya Inoue
Secretary: Toshihiro Ashino

CODATA Sub-Committee
Chair: Toshihiro Ashino
Vice Chair: Satoshi Itoh,
Secretary: Junya Inoue, Mihoko Otake

WDS Sub-Committee
Chair: Toshihiko Iemori
Vice Chair: Yasuhiro Murayama
Secretary: Masaki Kanao, Yasuhisa Kondo

Recent national activities

  • Released Japanese translation of the Beijing Declaration on Research Data, by the Science Council of Japan as a record of the activities of the CODATA Subcommittee, Aug. 2020
  • Dissemination of information about CODATA and related international activities and events in Open Science and Open Data through RDUF (Research Data Utilization Form) and other channels.

Previous national activities

  • Report on “Positioning of open data on what we claim and what we do – targeting data journal for driving transformation of science”, 2014-09-30. SCJ Report of the 22nd Term.
  • Organizing SCJ Academic Forum:“Open Science Platform: The Data Journal as Transformer of Sciences”, 2015-03-04. Auditorium of the Science Council of Japan.

Agenda in the 25th term (2020-2022)

  • To support activities related to open science and open data in Japan, and to promote the participation of Japanese researchers in CODATA activities such as Task Groups.
  • As part of the Japanese commitment to attacking global challenges, we will make recommendations and advisories for participation and collaboration with international bodies such as CODATA, WDS, RDA and Go-FAIR, which provide the basis for national and global data sharing.

Main contacts

Yasunori Murayama
International Scientific Data Committee Chair
Murayama (at)
Toshihiro Ashino
CODATA Sub-Committee Chair
ashino (at)
Junya Inoue
Delegate to CODATA
j-inoue (at)


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