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DDI-Cross Domain Integration Review Webinar Series

CODATA is collaborating with the DDI Foundation on a series of webinars to support the public review of the DDI-Cross Domain Integration specification.

The goal is to provide background so that reviewers, especially those from outside the traditional DDI community, have enough information to give the new specification a considered review.

Currently, two “rounds” of webinars are proposed.  Some of these events are organised for the DDI community, others seek a wider audience and are convened in partnership with CODATA.  The numbering below is indicative and may change as the dates for each webinar are finalised.

Round One:

  1. CESSDA (DDI), Weds 27 May, 14:00 UTC [presentation and recording]
  2. General audience* (DDI and CODATA), Tue 16 Jun, 13:00 UTC and Thu 18 Jun, 07:00 UTC [presentations and recordings]
  3. DDI Community (DDI), Weds 24 June, 14:00 UTC [presentations and recordings]
  4. Official Statistics (DDI), Thu 22 July, 13:00 UTC [presentations and recordings]

Round Two:

  1. Data Description (DDI and CODATA), 1) Introductory Webinar, Weds 12 August, 14:00 UTC [presentation and recording] and 2) Discussion Workshop, Weds 19 August 14:00 UTC [presentation and recording].
  2. Environmental Sciences (DDI and CODATA)
  3. Chemical, material and structural sciences (DDI and CODATA)
  4. Health/Infectious Disease (DDI and CODATA)
  5. Earth sciences (DDI and CODATA)
  6. Life Sciences (DDI and CODATA)
  7. Engineering (DDI and CODATA)
  8. Physical sciences (DDI and CODATA)
  9. UML/OMG and Modelling-related (DDI)
  10. Discovery standards (, DCAT) (DDI and CODATA)
  11. Process/Provenance standards (PROV, BPMN) (DDI and CODATA)
  12. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other policy monitoring indicators (DDI and CODATA)