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Webinar: Introducing DDI-CDI to the CESSDA community

Webinar held on Weds 27 May 2020, 16:00-17:00 CEST.

Presentation from the webinar for the CESSDA Community, given by Arofan Gregory. (Download Presentation)

Recording of the webinar.




The Data Documentation Initiative Alliance has recently announced the public review of their new specification, DDI – Cross Domain Integration (DDI-CDI). This event will introduce potential reviewers from the CESSDA community to the specification. An overview of DDI-CDI will be presented, followed by a discussion period.

DDI-CDI is a model-driven specification designed to provide support for the wide range of data which are becoming increasingly significant for the Social, Behavioral, and Economic (SBE) sciences, but often come from new sources outside the SBE domain, and often use non-traditional data structures. Such unfamiliar data also demands increased information about provenance, especially the processes by which they were created. Based on the DDI 4/Moving Forward work, DDI-CDI is designed to meet these emerging needs for CESSDA and other communities which already use DDI, but who now must handle data in new forms, coming from external domains.

The specification is available both as a formal UML model and as an XML syntax representation of that model and is designed to align with both existing DDI specifications and other popular standards. Being model based, it is intended to support a wide range of technology platforms and tools. This webinar will help the CESSDA community provide critical feedback to make sure that it can meet these goals, for the CESSDA archives and for other users.