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Dagstuhl Workshops 2021

The DDI Alliance and CODATA, with other partners organised three workshops in September 2021 on topics relating to FAIR data sharing and implications for data and metadata management. Two of the workshops were hybrid in format, using the Schloss Dagstuhl location in conjunction with other remote locations and participants. The third workshop in Australia was a purely virtual event due to COVID restrictions. 

The topics of the workshops were as follows:

The workshop on DDI-CDI focused on technical topics which provided input to the subsequent workshop on use cases for metadata standards.

The two workshops on ‘Interoperability for Cross-Domain Research’ built on the outcomes of two previous Dagstuhl Workshops in 2018 and 2019 on the alignment of standards and technologies for cross-domain data integration. 

The workshops were organised as a cooperative effort between CODATA and the DDI Alliance by the long-time organizing team Simon Cox, Arofan Gregory, Simon Hodson, Steven McEachern, Hilde Orten, and Joachim Wackerow. Additional organizers contributed to specific workshops: Rowan Brownlee and Lesley Wyborn. Profound thanks go to Schloss Dagstuhl – the Leibniz Center for Informatics for continuing to provide an excellent meeting facility and support for these efforts.