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Data Sharing program in China

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Since its foundation, the Chinese National Committee for CODATA has been making efforts to promote data activities of science and technology through its executive body – the Secretariat located at CNIC.

There are 8 resource databases: Geo-Science, Biodiversity, Chemistry, Astronomy, Space Science, Micro biology and virus, Material science and Environment, 2 reference databases: China Species, Compound, 4 application-Oriented databases: High Energy (ITER), Western Environment Research, Ecology research and Qinghai Lake, 37 research databases: Physics & Chemistry, Geosciences, Biosciences, Atmospheric & Ocean Science, Energy Science, Material Science, Astronomy & Space Science, etc.

A. Pushing the development of national Basic Scientific Data Sharing Network

The project of basic scientific data sharing network is funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, which involves 32 units from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Education, Technology and Industry for National Defense and State Forestry Bureau.

It undertakes standard specification and sharing service platform construction, providing technical support for data resource co-construction units and ensuring the operation service of basic data resource. This project is the interdisciplinary and interdepartmental integration of basic scientific data resources, including five basic sciences: physics, chemistry, astronomy, space and biology.  In the field of astronomy, there are 10 sub-databases, 1 subject database, 2 thematic databases, and the data volume achieved 18.55TB.

For space science, there are 60 sub-databases and established 8 nodes in China. For biology, there are 88 sub-databases and 7 thematic databases, which realized the construction of a biology scientific data grid. By the end of August 2012, the total visitors were about 12.14 million and the on-line data downloads up to 107TB.

B. Three surveys of Scientific Data-distribution and Data-serving on Internet were made with support from MOST (Apr. 1993, Jul. 1993, Nov. 1993).

C. An active role in the program of “National Scientific Data-sharing Platform” since 1999.

D.  Coordination of the project of “CODATA-China Physics and Chemistry Database” sponsored by MOST from 2001. In 2005, “CODATA-China Physics and Chemistry Database” joined the “National Scientific Data-sharing Platform” project.

Physics and Chemistry Database

E. Other Projects

1. The Project of Data application environment construction and services

2. The Project of Data Resources Center Construction

3. Global Data Network Partners for Science

4. Decision Supporting System of Administration for International Orgnizations of S&T in CAS

5. Management Information System of Planning and Strategy Study, CAS

6. NSFC Information System Operation and Maintenance

7. Basic Science Data Sharing Network(

8. Research on China Data Quality and Standards

9. The Demonstration Project of Chinese Terrestrial Ecosystem Flux Research Network Cyber-Infrastructure Construction (CFCI)

10. Beijing Municipal Food Safety Early Warning System and Stimulant Database Management System

11. Inter-governmental Fiscal Relations Database and its Application & Analysis System

12. Basic Information Database of Female Workers in Central State Organs

13. The National Standard of “Construction Guide of Testing Resource Information Sharing System” of Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China

14. Compound Spectrum Data Integrated Management and Service System

15. Database and Application System of Limited Quantity Standard of Toxic and Harmful Substances in Foods


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