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CNC Membership

Canada National Committee

Membership: 2020-2022

The Call for Members for the new CNC CODATA Committee will be available shortly.


Membership: Prior to 2020


Mr. Ernie Boyko
new elected Chair, effective Jan.1, 2016
Adjunct Data Librarian, Library Data Centre
Carleton University
Chantal Ripp, Executive Secretary National Research Council
Mr. John Broome
ex officio, as Treasurer/CODATA International
Ottawa, Ontario
Mr. Paul Budkewitsch
Manager, Mineral Resources
Government of Nunavut, Department of Economic Development and Transportation
Dr. Jason Pearson
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
University of Prince Edward Island
Dr. Benoît Pirenne
Associate Director, IT
Dr. James Sangster
Honorary Member
Sangster Research Laboratories
Dr. Gordon Wood
Honorary Member
Ottawa, Ontario
Ms Mary Zborowski
Executive Secretary
Ottawa, Ontario
ex officio, as Executive Committee Member/CODATA International



Mr. Richard Akerman
Senior Open Science Advisor, Environment Canada
Mr. Robert Branton
Retired Director of Data Management
Ocean Tracking Network
Dr. Gino DiLabio
Head, Department of Chemistry (Unit 3)
Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences
University of British Columbia Okanagan
Dr. Julie Friddell
Associate Director, Canadian Cryospheric Information Network/Polar Data Catalogue
Department of Geography & Environmental Management
University of Waterloo
Dr. Jeremy Geelen
Policy Analyst, Corporate Strategy and Performance
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
Dr. Elizabeth Griffin
Visiting Scientist
National Research Council
Mr. Chuck Humphrey
Data Library Coordinator
University of Alberta
Dr. Joyline Makani
Head, Killam Memorial Library
Dalhousie University
Dr. John R. Manuel
Senior Program Scientist (Solar-Terrestrial Science)
UTIL – Space Utilization Development
Canadian Space Agency
Ms Karen Morgenroth
Manager, Information Management Operations
Knowledge Management
National Research Council Canada
Mr. Glen Newton
Senior Technical Officer, Integrated Systems Approach
Canadian Forestry Service, Natural Resources Canada
Dr. David Pantalony
Curator of Physical Sciences and Medicine, Canada Science and Technology Museum
Adjunct Professor, Department of History
University of Ottawa
Kori St-Cyr
Senior Advisor, Knowledge Translation Strategy
Canadian Institutes for Health Research
Ms Jennifer Sokol
Geospatial Advisor
GeoConnections & Canadian Geo-Secretariat
Natural Resources Canada
Dr. André Vellino
Associate Professor, School of Information Science
University of Ottawa
Ms Wendy Watkins
Data Librarian
Carleton University Library
Carleton University