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  • Data Integration Initiative: Planning Document – During 2017, CODATA initiated and led a discussion with data science groups and international scientific unions and associations about the timeliness of a major initiative on interdisciplinary data integration. Meetings at the ICSU HQ in Paris in June 2017 and at the Royal Society of London in November 2017 produced a report and communiqué  supporting a long-term initiative and outlining some of the essential issues to be addressed. The key priorities for this initiative are to address data integration in support of major global challenges and to develop relevant data capacities across all the disciplines of science.
  • Science for the 21st Century: Attacking Great Interdisciplinary Challenges – A one-page briefing note describing the ISC CODATA Data Integration initiative, the grand challenge of interdisciplinary research, the interoperability of heterogenous data and data integration.
  • Communiqué from the Second ICSU-CODATA Workshop on Data Integration: ‘Science and the digital revolution: data, standards and interdisciplinary integration’, held at the Royal Society, London, November 2017:
  • Exploiting the digital revolution: developing capacity and integrating data across the disciplines of science, Report and Position Paper from the Workshop on Data Standards: Developing a Roadmap for Data Integration, held at the International Council for Science, Paris, June 2017: