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Policy and Legal

Statements of principle and policy instruments at national and transnational levels have sought over the last 20 or so years to encourage and support emerging Open Science practices and to create a ‘level playing field’ in which scientific outputs are Open by default. Regional policy, as in the European Union, and international instruments, such as the recent OECD Declaration on Access to Research Data from Public Funding and the forthcoming UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science, are particularly significant. Different national concerns affect data policy priorities: nevertheless, to avoid the development of large silos and to achieve the potential of global Open Science, there is interest among OSCs to seek alignment of their policies, and where possible their legal frameworks.

The WG will likely proceed by exchanging information about Open Science policies before exploring any areas of divergence. Possible questions include but are not limited to: What are the key policy instruments adopted by the OSCs? To what extent do these align and do they map well to major international statements of principle or policy? Are there any areas of policy misalignment that could hamper cooperation among OSCs and projects supported by OSCs? What are the most significant issues of legal interoperability to be addressed?

Working Group Co-chairs

Sarah Jones, GEANT, The Netherlands


Secretariat Contact

Xueting LI, CNIC


Additional participants are invited: sign-up here, if interested to join the WG.