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2020 CODATA-RDA School of Research Data Science (Virtual)

The CODATA/RDA Summer School, 31 Aug – 11 Sep 2020, was online:  There was no face-to-face School at Trieste in 2020. 

Instead, we were delighted to offer a virtual CODATA/RDA School of Research Data Science alumni event.  This event was specially designed for those who had attended a previous edition of the School.  However, application was also open to other interested participants who demonstrated an equivalent level of knowledge of the CODATA/RDA School of Research Data Science curriculum topics (listed here).

We invited all of our past students to join us online to review, update and refresh training strategies for each of the curriculum sections that were covered during our previous Schools. Our goal is to help our alumni become more confident in sharing their learning and to train others.  

Students were provided beforehand with preparatory reading to remind themselves of the topics they have previously learnt. Over a period of two weeks (31 Aug – 11 Sep 2020), students attended regular virtual sessions (1-2 hours per day) on each of the individual topics previously taught.  This session included a short review of the topic, any updates on the topic that have been recently introduced, and strategies for instructing in this curriculum area (preparation, key teaching points, how to arrange the hands-on sessions, etc.)  

Students were expected to come prepared and be familiar with topic areas prior to the virtual sessions.  We did not re-teach the material – this was all about reviewing students’ knowledge and re-inspiring their own teaching.  These sessions provided participants with the chance to build on their existing knowledge and to move forward with refreshed teaching techniques and recharged energy.

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