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Data Policy Reports and Outputs

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Major Outputs Since 2015


Open Science for a Global Transformation: CODATA-coordinated submission to the UNESCO Open Science Consultation (2020)

CODATA Twenty-Year Review of GBIF (2020)


Beijing Declaration on Research Data (2019)


European Commission Expert Group, Chaired by Simon Hodson, Turning FAIR into Reality (2018)


SA-EU Open Science Dialogue Report (2018)


Business models for sustainable research data repositories (with OECD, 2017)


Guidelines for the Legal Interoperability of Research Data (with RDA, 2016)


The Value of Open Data Sharing (for GEO, 2015)


The Science International Accord on Open Data in a Big Data World (for ICSU, 2015)


Current Best Practice for Research Data Management Policies (for Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation, 2015)