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FAIR Connect: Demo and Discussion

FAIR Connect: Demo and Discussion

Public demo of FAIR Connect, a new platform supporting professional data stewardship, with an emphasis on FAIR.

Will be held on 25 October 2022, 16:00 – 18:00 CEST as part of the 2nd FAIR Convergence Symposium (refer to this page for the Symposium programme overview).

Location: Collegezaal 2, LUMC, and online.


In case you missed the event, you can watch the recording in CODATA Vimeo and check the presentation deck(s). 



IOS Press and the GO FAIR Foundation have partnered to create a new Open Access journal serving professional data stewardship, with an emphasis on FAIR. Now joined by CODATA and an international community of early-mover experts in FAIR data and data stewardship practices, FAIR Connect is under development as a hybrid publication and communication platform with two main functions. 

First, FAIR Connect is a place to publish “FAIR Supporting Resources” (FSRs) which data stewards use to practice data stewardship (e.g., data stewardship plan templates, methods, software, vocabularies, schema, or training materials). FSRs will themselves be made FAIR in FAIR Connect, by having identifiers and machine-actionable metadata in the form of nanopublications. 

Second, each FSR will be associated with one or more short-form article(s) that provide background on their development and how that FSR can be effectively used. In this way, FAIR Connect seeks to become a vehicle for data stewards to publish and receive professional citations for their work, elevating the professional status of data stewardship. 

FAIR Connect will, as the name suggests, connect existing registers and repositories of FSRs with FAIR metadata making it possible to globally search, find and reuse those FSRs best fit to local purposes. The mission of FAIR Connect is to help accelerate convergence onto good practices and prevent the (needless, accidental) reinvention of the wheel. 

FAIR Connect will have customizable channel environments that can be sponsored by organizations at any level (from research performing organizations to funding agencies)  so that institutional data stewards can have “free” and unencumbered access to the publication and exchange of FSRs. 

As part of the FAIR Connect Preparation Phase initiated by IOS Press and the GO FAIR Foundation, numerous colleagues from the data stewardship community at large were asked to contribute an FSR and a corresponding article. The resulting enthusiastic community response where nearly 20 contributions have been submitted, approved and in some cases already published will be highlighted, and used to inform an open discussion around key development issues in FAIR Connect. 



16:00 (10 minutes): Welcome and panel introductions (B. Mons) 

16:10 (20 minutes): Video presentation introducing FAIR Connect (GFF & IOS Press) 

16:30 (5 minutes): Statement from IOS Press (L. Ter Meer) 

16:35 (5 minutes): Statement from CODATA (S. Hodson)

16:40 (10 minutes): FAIR Connect Preparation Phase – Community contributions (B. Magagna)

16:50 (10 minutes): Key development issues in FAIR Connect (E. Schultes)

17:00 (45 minutes): Q&A and open discussion, audience feedback (All)

17:45 (15 minutes): Conclusions, next steps (All)

18:00: Adjourn 



Barend Mons – GO FAIR Foundation 

Erik Schultes – GO FAIR Foundation

Barbara Magagna – GO FAIR Foundation

Nello Spiteri – IOS Press

Simon Hodson – ED CODATA