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Arrive early for IDW and bring your drone. #Drones4Good@IDW in Botswana!

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International Data Week (IDW) will be co-located with SciDataCon, CODATA and Research Data Alliance’s (RDA) 12th Plenary in Gaborone, Botswana, November 5-8, 2018. IDW is set to be a unique gathering of data professionals from all corners of the earth. Since many have begun to use drones/RPAS/sUAS1 as serious data-collection platforms, and because Botswana is rich in wildlife and biome diversity, we have decided to host a combined drone datathon and hackathon the week before IDW at a nearby wildlife sanctuary.

#Drones4Good Update: 

Who should apply? Data and domain scientists. Academic, nonprofit and industry researchers and developers. All who are interested in accelerating science and innovation through the use of research drones for data capture.

What are they in for? A unique combined hackathon and datathon during one full week where participants will fly drones, collect data, network, learn from each other, and strengthen the international community that is involved with scientific drone data capture. Specific themes include: #EarthScience, #Conservation, #Agriculture and associated #DroneDataChallenges.

RPAS offer the basic advantage of access to otherwise inaccessible and rugged terrains. But they are also capable of collecting higher spatial and/or temporal resolution data, which reduces the impact of data collection on the environment, and lowers the risk for workers and equipment. In many cases, they make data capture possible where it would otherwise be infeasible, and can drastically reduce the response time in cases where lives are in jeopardy.

These factors make RPAS a key technology worth highlighting and developing at IDW18, which bears the theme: Frontiers of Global Science.

For the most current details, visit this page.