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DDI Controlled Vocabularies, the CESSDA Workbench, SKOS and XKOS

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This webinar took place on Wednesday 12 October 2022, at 14:00-15:30 UTC.

Presentation slides
Edited chat transcript

Controlled vocabularies are an important form of metadata, and are used for a broad range of purposes. This webinar looks at how controlled vocabularies and similar types of concept schemes are used in and supported by the DDI standards. An introduction is provided for their use as qualifiers for metadata fields, as codelists and classifications for representing variables and response domains, as terms for describing coverage and supporting search, and for their use in defining variables, units, and populations. The support provided by DDI standards – including the XKOS RDF vocabulary – is highlighted. Real-world examples are provided, to illustrate the purposes described.

Presenters: Christophe Dzikowski (INSEE), Darren Bell (UK Data Service), Arofan Gregory (DDI Alliance and CODATA), with an introduction by Laura Molloy (CODATA).

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