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Webinar: Questions and Survey Instruments in DDI: Maximizing the Value of Your Metadata

Questions and the questionnaires in which they are used serve as an important focus when reusing data, but also serve as a resource which can be used to maximise comparability across studies, and to make the design of questionnaires more efficient. Further, a rigorous description of survey logic and flow can provide the basis for automation of the data collection process, heightening efficiencies for longitudinal and other repeated surveys.

This webinar looks at the DDI structures for describing questions and survey instruments.  Our guest speakers illustrate how this metadata can be leveraged to best effect, with examples from CLOSER, a collaborative digital infrastructure for longitudinal population studies, data and research, and two national statistics agencies: Insee (the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies), and StatsCan (Statistics Canada).


Becky Oldroyd, Metadata Officer at CLOSER, shares the ways that rich metadata at the variable-, question- and questionnaire-level improves the discoverability of data for longitudinal, cross-study research. Éric Sigaud describes how Insee is developing open-source tooling to support metadata-driven workflows, such as automated creation of survey instruments. Finally, Flavio Rizzolo talks about StatsCan’s ongoing work of adopting DDI-Lifecycle tools to design and manage questionnaires using Colectica together with the agency’s in-house data tools and systems.  Arofan Gregory (DDI / CODATA) provides an introduction to the problem space, and wraps up the session. Alicia Urquidi Díaz (OCUL Scholars Portal) handles the question and answer session.

Slides are available here from Arofan Gregory, Becky Oldroyd, Éric Sigaud, and Flavio Rizzolo.

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