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Webinar: The DDI Standards and Technology: Adapting to Change

Our CODATA / DDI training webinar ‘The DDI Standards and Technology: Adapting to Change‘ took place on Tuesday 17 October.

The technology landscape is always changing, and with the advent of AI technologies the pace has increased. This webinar looks at the technologies and practices around DDI metadata today, and how the new technologies could be used to increase efficiencies in the work of documenting data and in the use of the data itself.

Current examples of production flows for metadata were shown, covering the DDI Codebook and DDI Lifecycle standards, and the possibilities for leveraging ChatGPT and similar technologies demonstrated. The webinar was intended for data managers and disseminators concerned with documenting data and producing metadata at scale.

Our speakers were:

I. DDI and Technology Evolution (from DTDs for documentation to metadata-driven systems – brief overview) (Arofan Gregory, DDI/CODATA): presentation slides.

II. Production of DDI Codebook metadata for ODESI (Alex Cooper, Data Services Coordinator at Queen’s University): presentation slides.

III. Production of DDI Lifecycle at the National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging (NACDA) (Jennifer Zeiger, Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research): presentation slides.

IV. ChatGPT and Metadata – possible uses and enhancements in efficiency (Pascal Heus, AI / Data Lead and FAIR Open Data APIs advocate, Postman Open Technologies): presentation slides.


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