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Geoffrey Boulton: ‘Science in a Data-Intensive Age’

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In support of his candidacy as CODATA President, Geoffrey Boulton presents his vision of ‘Science in a Data-Intensive Age’ and describes the challenges and agenda this sets for CODATA.

Geoffrey Boulton

The last two decades have seen unprecedented growth in the capacity to acquire, store, manipulate and instantaneously transmit data. It is a world historical event that is changing the lives of individuals, societies and economies. It has major implications for science, research and learning that are far more profound and pervasive than those of the earlier, analogous revolution in data storage and human communication, that of Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press in the 1430s.

These developments offer profound challenges to science, and because of this to CODATA in adapting its historic role as the principal coordinator of data initiatives at the international level to focus on new, data-intensive ways of doing science.

Read more…!  The statement is available as a PDF and on the CODATA blog.