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Anthropometry, Fit and Accommodation for Special Populations

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Anthropometry, Fit and Accommodation for Special Populations

Anthropometry is the science of human body dimensions.

The objective of this Task Group is to identify and develop data acquisition methods, digital human models, software tools, theoretical constructs and principles to enable the development of a global fit and accommodation information system.

The Task Group focuses on seniors and people with disabilities because this sector has an urgent need and the greatest amount of measuring limitations. The understanding is that the methods that work for these unique population groups should be applicable to other mainstream population groups too.

There are three basic research issues which must be addressed:

  1. determining methods for capturing fit and accommodation (affordance) metrics that are standardized and suitable for international large-scale and distributed surveys
  2. deriving information system ontologies for storing and sharing fit and accommodation data, product and environment information and anthropometry and,
  3. characterizing complex data on products and people in a manner that can be effectively searched, mined and visualized.

Deliverables by 2017


  • The Task Group aims to publish three articles in the CODATA Data Science Journal or other refereed Journals on the different aspects of anthropometric data methods development.
  • The TG aims to submit  3-4 technical proposals to funding agencies in the different countries represented by members.
  • The TG will publish minutes and reports from each of its 3-4 meetings.

Other outputs

  • Prototype garments and chairs for round-robin testing
  • Database from pilot studies and round robin testing of methods and tools

Activities planned

  • Test garment and furniture prototype development
  • Round-robin testing of prototypes
  • Face-to-face meetings in different countries
  • Skype or on-line teleconferences

Main contacts

Kathleen M. Robinette,  Ph.D (Co-chair)

Professor and Head, Design Housing and Merchandising Department,
College of Human Sciences, Oklahoma State University, USA
Professional Details: Oklahoma State University-Faculty profile ; LinkedIn
Contact Details : kathrobinette (at) ; Tel. office: +1 405-744-5049

Deepti Gupta, Ph.D. (Co-Chair)

Professor, Department of Textile Technology,
Indian Institute of Technology
Delhi, India
Professional Details: ResearchGate ; ; LinkedIn
Contact Details: deepti (at) ; Phone: +91 11 26591417

Daisy Veitch (Co-Chair)

PhD Candidate at TU Delft, Netherlands
Professional Details: ResearchGate ; Google Scholar ; LinkedIn

Contact details:

D.E.Veitch (at) ; Phone: +61 883700202

Executive Committee Liaison

Paul Laughton (South Africa)
Executive Committee Member 2014-2016
Contact Details: paull (at)

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