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Anthropometry, Fit and Accommodation for Special Populations – Membership

Anthropometry, Fit and Accommodation for Special Populations – Membership

Dr Deepti Gupta

Anthropometry and body shape analysis

Department of Textile Technology, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, INDIA

deepti (at)

+91 11 26591417

Dr. Carla Patrícia Guimarães

Ergonomics, anthropometry and biomechanics expertise

National Institute of Technology, BRAZIL

cpguimas (at)

carla.guimaraes (at)

+55 21 2123-1058

Professor Lee Young Suk

Apparel sizing and anthropometry survey expertise

Chonnam National University, KOREA

ysl (at)


Professor Kathleen M. Robinette

Anthropometry and biostatistics expertise, anthropometry database ontology expertise

Head of Interior Design and Apparel Design and Production programs, Oklahoma State University, USA

kathrobinette (at)

+1 405-744-5049

Dr. Zhiqing Cheng

Computer modeling and biomechanics expertise

Infoscitex Inc., USA

zhiqing.cheng.ctr (at)

+1 937-255-1599

Ms Daisy Veitch

Apparel design and development expertise, 3-D human manikin expertise


daisy (at)

+61 8 8370 0202

Dr Allan Keefe

Human systems integration expertise

Defence Research and Development Canada, Toronto Research Centre | Recherche et développement pour la défense Canada, Centre de recherches de Toronto, CANADA

Allan.Keefe (at)

+ 1 (416) 635-2126


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