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Anthropometry, Fit and Accommodation for Special Populations – Past Achievements

Anthropometry, Fit and Accommodation for Special Populations – Past Achievements


The Past Achievements listed below pertain to a related but distinct Task Group on Anthropometric Data and Engineering.  At the CODATA General Assembly in New Delhi in November 2014, a new Task Group was approved with a specific focus on ‘Anthropometry, Fit and Accommodation for Special Populations’.


Achievements 2013

WEAR/CODATA meeting + 2 WEAR sessions at the 3D body scanning conference
Long Long Beach, CA, USA, on 19-20 November

A WEAR/CODATA meeting was held on 18 November 2013 in Long Beach, California, USA. The participants also attended the 3D body scanning conference held in Long Beach on 19-20 November 2013, where two WEAR sessions were also held.

During the 18th November meeting, WEAR members discussed the possibility of changing membership categories, particularly to make it easier for students to be a part of the organization, they also looked at a viable social media strategy to ensure that WEAR is able to spread information easily on the web and provide a more accessible platform for those retrieving WEAR data.

We encouraged people to sign up for newsletters at Additionally, those present discussed the new datasets which were added to the WEAR portal and made plans for future uploads.

WEAR representatives appointed new officers and made plans to attend the CODATA meeting in India in 2014, SciDataCon 2014.

Achievements 2009

World Engineering Anthropometry Resource (WEAR) 
Participation to the creation of this web portal, open in August 2009

In August 2009 in Beijing a web portal was opened by the president of the International Ergonomics Association that gives access to anthropometric data and tools to use it. This was co-sponsored by CODATA. The initial site contains a limited set. Having said that the ‘limited set’ contains about 130 datasets including the North American portion of the CAESAR database (which is the most comprehensive, high quality anthropometric dataset ever collected). The plan made was to continue to expand the data and tools over the years.


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