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IDPC Terms of Reference


The CODATA International Data Policy Committee (IDPC) was formed in 2014 following a recommendation from the preceding Executive Committee and the ISC Review of CODATA. The development of policies promoting open data for research has been a longstanding and prominent feature of CODATA activity. In order to ensure greater continuity and focus for these core activities – and to amplify CODATA’s voice in these matters – the CODATA Strategic Plan 2015-18 identified the Data Policy Committee as the principal means by which CODATA should define an international FAIR/open data policy agenda for research.

The IDPC uses the UNESCO definitions of open data and open science, and in the context of specific policy frameworks, which may reflect additional criteria affecting access to data, supports the concept that data is as open as possible, as closed as necessary. The IDPC advocates Open Data policies and Open Science policies, facilitates discussion around best practices, and supports the development of robust policy tools and frameworks that reflect the ultimate goal of making research outputs open.

Mandate and Process

The CODATA Data Policy Committee is one of the key instruments by which CODATA pursues its mission of promoting effective data policy and practice. A subsidiary task is to support the other strategic objectives of CODATA, especially its data education mission. 

The CODATA International Data Policy Committee is an international expert body that:

The Committee is engaged in a number of substantive and structural initiatives in the research data policy arena, either in a lead or supportive role. Previous activities are listed on the IDPC website. To best serve those who need assistance in their data policy initiatives, the IDPC engages with stakeholders and supports policy as a dynamic process, providing guidance, support, assistance, and outputs to smooth the path to impact for policy.

These projects are either carried out by the full Committee or by subgroups of its members. The Committee holds monthly conference calls and occasional face-to-face meetings to confer on the agenda and receive updates about its activities. Subgroups meet as often as needed to accomplish their specific task, and are generally time-limited to achieve a specific work package.

Stakeholders are invited to send their enquiries and suggestions to the Committee Chair, Mark Leggott at:, or to any of the members in the linked list below.


CODATA IDPC Members are selected by the IDPC Chair in consultation with Members and the CODATA Executive. Member terms are for 2 years, and are renewable for a second term. Members are selected to provide the IDPC with a diversity of location, discipline, and policy expertise. The CODATA Executive Director and Past IDPC Chair are ex-officio members of the IDPC.

The Committee’s current membership, including bios and terms, is available at: