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Israel: Data Citation Workshop 2016

Israel: Data Citation Workshop 2016

The Data Citation workshop in Israel was held in Tel Aviv at the Hilton Hotel. It was organized as a one-day session in a three-day conference entitled INFO 2016. This is an annual conference held each year. The 2016 conference was the 31st one. The conference deals with information and data sciences and its target audience is librarians, information scientists, applied computer science practitioners and researchers, and the like. 

The workshop was held on May 25, 2016, from 9am to 4pm, in parallel to other sessions of the conference. The local Israeli committee of CODATA, and The University of Haifa organized it. A second, more intimate, meeting was held on May 26 at the University of Haifa, with a number of researchers and librarians.

Workshop content

The major part of the morning session was allocated to two lectures of Dr. Jan Brase, Co-Chair of CODATA TG on Data Citation. Thereafter, there were three lectures of Israeli speakers presenting cases of Big Data applications in Israel.
Here is the complete program:
9:00-9:15: Opening remarks, Prof. Niv Ahituv, VP CODATA and Chair of the Israeli Committee of CODATA.
9:15-10:30: Overview of work done to date:
  • reports, principles, work of various groups  
  • Identification of unresolved issues and questions important to research funders and Science policymakers. Dr. Jan Brase.
11:00-12:30: Workshop. Dr. Jan Brase.
It includes (among others):
  • Examples/success stories of data citation practices by other research funders 
  • examples from the country/region and discipline/domain
  • examples from outside the country/region 
  • discussion
  • Implementing data citation practices: current and future functional roles of different research sectors who are not the research funders/policy makers                 
  • What is the role of the research funding and policy community in data citation practices?
  • What is their vested interest?
  • Discussion and framing of possible points of convergence and next steps.
12:30-13:00: Context-driven data fusion in the “Internet of Things” universe.  rof. Opher Etsion, Academic College of Izrael Valley.  
14:30-15:00: Big Data aspects in central bank statistics Mixture of diversified data sources to create coherent macro-financial view and advanced analytics. Mr. Tsahi Frankovich, formerly Head of Information Division at the Bank of Israel.