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Advancing Informatics for Microbiology – Past Achievements

Advancing Informatics for Microbiology – Past Achievements


Achievements 2013

Microbiology workshop

The World data center of Microorganisms (WDCM) convened first CODATA Task Group on Advancing Informatics for Microbiology workshop in 26th September 2013, Beijing, China. The conference brought together about 120 scholars and experts from world’s leading culture collections and academic institutes discussing the scientific problems and future strategies concerning global microbial resources informatization in the course of their sharing and utilization.

All the participants of the Microbiology workshop in 26th September 2013, Beijing, China.

The workshop was arranged by four sections. The first three sections were for oral presentation, the last section was held as round table discussion time. During the discussion section, all the participants joined in the debate and gave many useful suggests for CODATA-WDCM future joint workshops. They suggested that the joint workshop should be held in big and small alternatively; the basic training and ability skills technologies should be provided more. In addition, facing to the big data era, the professors suggested that we also need to observe and learn from the other fields, try to combine all the useful information together and make the next strategy more effective.



Participants (main attendees list) :

  • Juncai Ma, Director of WDCM
  • Philippe Desmeth, President of WFCC
  • Hideaki Sugawara, National Institute of Genetics, Japan
  • Vincent Robert,CBS-KNAW, Fungal Biodiversity Centre, Utrecht, The Netherlands;
  • David Smith,CABI, Egham, United Kingdom
  • Alexander Vasilenko, IBPM RAS, Pushchino, Russia
  • Kevin Mccluskey, Fungal Genetics Stock Center, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Missouri, USA
  • Hiroko Kawasaki, NBRC, National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NTIE), Japan
  • Hiroshi Mori,Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama, Japan
  • Supawadee Ingsriswang, Information Systems Laboratory, Bioresources Technology Unit, National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC), Thailand
  • Paul De Vos, University of Ghent,Belgium 
  • Linhuan Wu, , Institute of Microbiology, WFCC-MIRCEN World Data Center for Microorganisms(WDCM), China
  • Di Liu, Institute of Microbiology, WFCC-MIRCEN World Data Center for Microorganisms(WDCM), China

Round table 1, Microbiology workshop











Discussion Topic:

  • What is a desirable information system for modern bio-resources center?
  • How the emerging information technologies such as big data, cloud c2d Discussion Session, Microbiology workshopomputing, semantic wed, could help in the utilization of microbial data? 
  • Comments and suggestions to WDCM activities: what kind of services is expected to be provided by WDCM, database management system, software package, training course or others?



Oral Presentations:

WDCM: a comprehensive information platform to promote utilization of microbial resources in culture collections (by Juncai Ma, DESMETH Philippeb, Linhuan Wua).

Dr Juncai Ma

The development of the MIRRI ITC infrastructure for microbial resources (by Paolo Romanoa, Boyke Bunkb, Anna Klindworthc, David Smithd, Alexander Vasilenko, Frank Oliver Glöcknerc).

Meta-analysis of the possible MIRRI information system characteristics (by Alexander Vasilenko, Svetlana Ozerskayaa, BoykeBunkb, Anna Klindworthc, David Smithd, Paolo Romanoe, Frank Oliver Glöcknerc).

Alexander Vasilenko

BioloMICS Software, the ultimate tool for management of culture collections (by Vincent Roberta, Duong Vua, Szaniszlo Szokea, Bernard Jabasa, Ammar Ben Hadj Ammora, Oussema Chouchena, Ahmed Dridia, Nathalie van de Wielea, Carlo Brouwera, Erik Bloma).


Building a foundation for microbial metagenomics analysis (by Prof. Kevin McCluskey and Dr. Scott E. Baker).

Prof. Kevin McCluskey

Data integration in the using Semantic Web technology (by Hiroshi Moria, Ikuo Uchiyamab, Yasukazu Nakamurac, Hideaki Sugawarac, Ken Kurokawaa, and Project Teama,b,c.).

Supawadee Ingsriswang

TBRC: an online networking platform for biological collections in Thailand (by Supawadee Ingsriswang).

Automated selection of reliable 16S rRNA gene sequence for phylogenetic tree construction (by Wim De Smeta, Paul De Vosb, Peter Dawyndta, Bernard De Baetsc)



Achievements 2012

(1) The symposium of World Data Center for Microorganisms


(2) WDCM Asian Training Course on Management and Application of Microbial Data Resources 


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