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Webinar 2 (2020-06-09): How can El Nino long range warning systems provide real benefits

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Could El Niño Long Range Warning System help countries manage the effects of severe weather events? Currently many countries are experiencing severe drought. Could the impacts of drought have been minimised with an effective long-range warning system (LRWS)?

Three-stage warning systems that conduct short, medium and seasonal forecasting can prepare industries and communities for both severe weather events and the impacts of El Niño. When ocean conditions suggest that an El Niño may be forming, long range warnings can be issued, allowing industries and communities to respond and become more resilient.

Tonkin + Taylor in partnership with Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR), Committee on Data (CODATA) of the International Science Council (ISC), have brought together three of the world’s leading Disaster Risk Reduction experts Bapon Shm Fakhruddin, PhD, Mickey Glantz and Kareff Rafisura to share how LRWS could help communities and industries prepare for severe weather events and the impacts of El Niño.

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