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CODATA Nominations and Elections 2021

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See Candidates for the CODATA 2021 Election

CODATA Members and Task Groups are invited to make nominations for the election of Officers and Ordinary Members of the Executive Committee.

Letter Calling for CODATA ExComm Nominations 2021

Nominations procedure document summarises the process for nominations and elections, eligibility criteria, relevant statutes of the Constitution as well as rules relating to Officers and Executive Committee positions. The document is here

The following Offices are open for nomination and election:

  • Executive Committee Ordinary Members (10 positions, to serve 2021-23)
  • Secretary General (to serve 2021-25)
  • Treasurer (to serve 2021-25)

For Members (National, Institutional, ISC Bodies, Affiliate and Partner Members) nominations should be submitted by the Members’ respective CODATA delegate.

For Task Groups, nominations should be submitted by the Group’s Chair(s), with the agreement of the members.

The Constitution does not specify how many candidates a Member or Task Group may nominate for a given position.

The deadline for nominations was 12 July 2021.

The Nominating Committee is tasked with soliciting additional nominations to ensure that there are candidates for all positions and alternates if so desired.  It is the Nominating Committee’s responsibility to ensure that all candidates meet the eligibility requirements.

By 17 September 2021, the Nominating Committee will distribute to CODATA members a Balanced Slate of candidates for election to the Offices of Secretary General, Treasurer, and ten places on the Executive Committee.  This must include at least one candidate for each post.


Above all, candidates should be nominated for their ability to contribute to CODATA’s mission and its strategic objectives and activities, as articulated in the CODATA Strategic Programme and, in particular, the Decadal Programme: ‘Making Data Work for Cross-Domain Grand Challenges.

Please note the following eligibility criteria: ‘A candidate for Officer or Ordinary Member of the Executive Committee, at the time of election, must be a long-term resident of, or have primary affiliation with, a National, Institutional, or ISC Member or must be the official Delegate of a Member or be a Member (or past Member) of the Executive Committee or be active (or have been active within the last three years), in CODATA, its Task Groups, Working Groups, Committees or Strategic Initiatives, or  be active in their national data community.’ [Statute 7.3.] Please consult the CODATA Constitution or the Nominations procedure document for other eligibility criteria.