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CODATA Elections, General Assembly 9-10 November 2018, Gaborone, Botswana, following International Data Week

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In advance of the forthcoming CODATA Elections to positions on the Executive Committee, to be conducted at the CODATA General Assembly, 9-10 November 2018, Gaborone, Botswana, following International Data Week and SciDataCon, candidates have been invited to submit supporting statements and these are being posted on the CODATA blog. 
The next few blogs are from Barend Mons, Niv Ahituv, Toshihiro Ashino, Bob Hanisch, Refiloe Mabaso and Joseph Wafula have now been posted.
Barend Mons <Read full statement>
Niv Ahituv <Read full statement>
Toshihiro Ashino <Read full statement>
Bob Hanisch <Read full statement>
Refiloe Mabaso <Read full statement>
Joseph Wafula <Read full statement>