Refiloe Mabaso: Candidacy for CODATA Executive Committee

This is the fourth in the series of short statements from candidates in the forthcoming CODATA Elections at the General Assembly to be held on 9-10 November in Gaborone, Botswana, following International Data Week. Refiloe Mabaso is a candidate for the CODATA Executive Committee as an Ordinary Member.  She was nominated by South Africa.

Refiloe Mabaso is an accomplished senior business leader with over 15 years’ experience that spans the full spectrum in both private and public sector. Areas of specialization include amongst others, Data Management, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Library Management, Records Management and Business Intelligence with a proven record of accomplishment in planning and leading comprehensive information and knowledge management strategies in support of business goals and objectives. Expertise in directing the formation of information and knowledge management tools and steering the execution of information and knowledge sharing programs. Demonstrated success driving growth in information and knowledge management through implementation of key projects. Experience in growing start-up organizations to leading business units and growing teams in large multi-national corporates. Recently have been nominated by the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) to participate ON Making It Stick Knowledge Management Research Project, to share and develop a case study on the successful practices to manage KM-related change and engage end users in KM tools, approaches, activities and work which will be published on APQC’s Knowledge Base library.

Holds, among other qualifications a degree in Library and Information Studies – University of South Africa, Management Development Programme – University of South Africa, Postgraduate Certificate in Knowledge Management – University of Pretoria, Masters in Business Administration (MBA) – University of South Africa, International Women in Leadership Programme – Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) and General Manager Programme –  Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS).

Currently working at Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS), Senior Manager- Information and Knowledge Management leading a team of Specialists covering areas of Library Management, Records Management, Knowledge Management, Data Analyst, Business/Market Intelligence and Digital Enterprise Content Management.

Serving as a member of the South Africa CODATA Committee with the objective of promoting CODATA activities and goals in South Africa. Previously served as a member of CODATA Executive Committee. Currently serves as a deputy chairperson of the Knowledge Management South Africa, a society for knowledge management professionals who are passionate about moving their discipline forward in their organizations while investing in themselves. The society supports the research and development of knowledge management practices in both private and public sectors.

12 thoughts on “Refiloe Mabaso: Candidacy for CODATA Executive Committee

  1. Thandi Taye

    I support Ms Refiloe Mabaso’s candidacy on the CODATA executive team, where here administrative and excellent leadership skills could be used to help CODATA reach its objectives. She has excellent decision-making skills along with the ability to work together with others at all levels with excellent interpersonal relations skills. She speaks and write fluently, which makes working in a group setting much easier for her.
    Her strengths are well aligned with the needs of CODATA such as thorough strategic planning and plan execution; enhancing organizational efficiencies / performance; and thriving on finding resolutions to problems.
    Refiloe has the ability to manage the budget and to help determine how the funds should be distributed based on where they are needed the most.
    She has a good track record of mentoring and coaching both young and old professionals in their years of career development, has good motivational abilities. She is very resourceful and have the ability to multi-task to ensure everything is done on time, while still maintaining a high level of efficiency.

  2. Thami Magele

    Mrs Mabaso is a visionary, leader, builder and doer of high calibre. I highly recommend Mrs Refiloe Mabaso as a candidate in the CODATA committee. Refiloe’s greatest strength is being able to lead, build sustainable high performance teams and embling growth in changing landscapes. She is a great practical leader. I am always in awe watching her coming out sturdy in adapting to any form of change. Her quick thinking , strategy and tactical know how are amazing.

    She is one of the greatest relationship builder with a strong , dynamic and large global network across many industries and people young and old. A great negotiator who always seeks a win win solution without losing sight of business, ethics and Ubuntu.

    Her EQ, thirst for knowledge, Education & professionals qualifications and experience coupled with great leadership skills, positions her at different levels of engagement from C-suite to trainee levels. Her inexpressible value , further rests in her passion for everything she seeks to do. She will be a great asset to CODATA as an organization and beneficiaries at large.

    Businesses & Committees are needing more builders and leaders with great insight , passion, versatility , integrity and EQ; and for that Mrs Mabaso is most suitable. Her qualifications and experience are equally relevant.

  3. Amb. (dr) Oyedokun Ayodeji Oyewole

    In my capacity as the Chairman / President, Governing Council of the Institute of Information Management (IIM), Africa, I strongly support Refiloe Mabaso nomination, as she has proven record and commitment in all the roles and responsibilities that she’s been tasked with.

    I feel extremely elated to recommend her, following her passion for the development of the Information Profession and Professionals as she values and promotes the preservation of data and information.

  4. Kholane Clarkeson Chauke

    The recent development of the knowledge management profession in South Africa leading to the formation of the KM South Africa (KMSA) is a project which is dear to Refiloe Mabaso. Since 2015, the KM profession sought to become relevant to the challenges facing our country and develop KM solutions to address the triple challenges of South Africa’s young democracy. Refiloe’s insistence on practical solutions, and pushing for the profession to seek relevance to the challenges of humanity in South Africa and beyond, is an ideal that resonate with KMSA and I consider myself lucky to have her as a colleague. Today KM professionals have a tribe to which their professionalization, standardization and best practice exchanges are possible.

    Knowledge management, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning; all depends on how good data and information is managed. It is for this reason that KMSA supports Refiloe’s candidacy in CODATA, as her membership would not only benefit the committee but the other related professions such as KM. It is about time that data is democratized and I believe that Refiloe’s passion and commitment is what CODATA needs.

  5. Michael

    Refiloe is a accomplished KM professional with a drive to see the profession growing stronger both in corporate and in the country. She is driven, passionate, visionary and always looking for opportunities to improve those around her. Her membership to the CODATA Executive Committee, will enhance the drive of KM in South Africa as it moves on its digital journey and also increase the presence of CODATA in the country.

    Her business and professional skills, supported by her sound qualification will add tremendous value to CODATA.

    I highly recommend and support her role in the CODATA Executive Committee.

  6. Ridwaan Bardien

    I highly recommend Refiloe Mabaso, for the position as Ms. Mabato is an accomplished senior business leader with a vast amount of experience in the areas of Data Management, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Library Management, Records Management, and Business Intelligence. Ms. Mabaso is very passionate about the identification and retention of knowledge within organisations. Ms. Mabato also takes the time to keep up to date on the relevant trends through research and reading widely on the topics relevant to CODATA.

    Her passion and commitment to data and related digitalisation topics will ensure that CODATA will benefit from her position on the committee.

  7. Moses

    I strongly support Refiloe’ s candidacy as a member of the executive committee. Her qualifications, dedication, professionalism and above all commitment to any assigned task makes her the perfect fit for the organization like CODATA. Throughout her career , Refiloe has demonstrate her ability to not only lead, but paying attention to details in all situations to emerge with appropriate solutions. I have no doubt that her contribution will add value in the organization

  8. Tebogo

    o Whom it May Concern:

    I highly recommend Ms Refiloe Mabaso for the Candidacy of CODATA Executive Committee. Ms Mabaso has been held different positions for over 20 years and is a seasoned Information and Knowledge Management specialists, who has been part of various strategic projects. Ms Mabaso is hardworking, results-driven professional with a proven record of accomplishment. Over the years she has acquired solid leadership skills, which have enabled her to build and guide performing teams. She very passionate about continuous learning, knowledge sharing, records management and overall continuous improvement of processes that enhance organisational performance.

    Ms Mabaso has excellent communication skills. In addition, she is extremely organized, reliable and hard-working. She as leader, and has formed part of several executive management teams over the years. She has mentored young, up and coming Information and Knowledge Management professional over the years and has promoted the importance these related disciplines at different platforms e.g. delivery of papers at conferences.

    Ms Mabaso would be a tremendous asset to the CODATA Executive Committee and has my highest recommendation.

  9. Anna Sanfilippo

    I cannot think of anyone more suited for this role. Refiloe is a seasoned IKM professional that has successfully led several IKM teams from inception to maturity at various organisations. Her skill set will definitely be an asset to the CODATA Executive Committee. She is a highly accomplished, and goal orientated individual who is able to inspire a team to reach their collective targets.

  10. Lerato Thekiso

    I fully recommend Ms Refiloe Mabaso for the position, her contribution in the IKM field and business environment as a whole has made the greatest impact. She is a leader that takes others in her journey to grow with her and I believe that is the type of a leader you need to have. Ms Mabaso is dedicated and gives her all in what she does,her work speaks for itself and I strongly believe she will be a valuable asset to CODATA.

  11. Zandile Moerane

    Refiloe is an inspiration to all those who aspire to be Knowledge Management specialists, she has made the subject very interesting. I believe that she is the most suitab

  12. Lindy nhlapo

    Refiloe is an ambassador of LIS . Most humble person, willing to share, train anyone in sphere of her expertise.
    Easy going and social person. A life long learner in keeping with trends in the profession.
    Refiloe is an inquisitive self starter and critical professional. She heed to other people’s opinion.

    She is relevant n I support her in all endeavour


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